My Process

My Design Process


You can find some of the design methods I utilize here. Every situation differs, but I always try to consider these as a foundation when working with others.



Discovery begins with gathering business goals and requirements. This is also a time to reflect on technical constraints and user information / research.


Taking the information from the discovery phase and implementing it to create a plan and product flow helps the design team make a plan regarding the user’s experience.


In the design phase, the design team works on creating concepts from start to finish through the use of brainstorming, sketching, low and high fidelity designs, usability testing and prototypes.


As high fidelity designs are signed off, they are handed to the front-end and back-end developers to build the experience as a fully working experience. Once the product has fully working components, it goes through revisions and deployment.

Revise and Refine

Revisions are made as changes are needed. The product is a living experience so there are always things to be maintained and evolved as time goes by. When there is user data to analyze how a user interacts with the digital experience, it influences the adaptations that are made to evolve the experience into a more improved version.